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What Clients are Saying:

"... I have, since starting coaching, gained the confidence to be myself in an interview (got the job), found my strengths and weaknesses, and have discovered things I didn’t know I needed that have improved my life. I am so grateful to have been recommended to Lily!"

"Lily was a fantastic person to be acquainted with on my journey with professional and personal growth. Her energy and ability to help heal and to hold space for was very helpful for me to reveal the things that were holding me back and new ideas that I had not considered before."

"When I first started working with Lily, I was unsure if I needed coaching. I had been to therapy, but for a breakup, and I didn't think coaching was something I really needed to invest in. After working with Lily almost weekly for the past 7 months I've seen a real change in my relationship with my partner, my relationship to my work, and my relationship with myself. I've noticed that when I invest in coaching and give myself that intentional time and space to focus on myself, I'm able to feel more in control of my life. I have time to reflect on the week and make goals for the future while talking it through with someone who understands how scary change can be. Lily challenges me to think deeply, act intentionally, and dream about the future in ways I hadn't allowed myself to do before. She works with me in the ways I work best and holds be accountable for my progress. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for ways to understand, challenge, and change aspects of their life."

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