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I value seeing the beauty, wholeness, and true potential of every individual. I believe that holding space for peoples power in this way begins a natural pattern of internal growth and healing.


I am open to working with anyone and everyone but I connect especially well with women and non-men, queer folks, artists, creatives, spiritual people, and those who are journeying to find their place in the adult world- at any age but especially after college. I also offer specific coach work for those who are grieving or struggling with death. Coaching sessions are always held virtually over zoom.

My rate is based on a sliding scale. I value working with my clients to find a rate that is sustainable for them.

I am certified by the International Coaching Federation and adhere to their standards of professionalism and excellence.

My aim is to help you illuminate your gifts and clarify your obstacles so that you can map out a clear path to achieve your goals.
As your life coach,
I will be there to validate and support you,
while holding you accountable as you make the necessary changes to live out your dreams.

Discover your strengths

  • Identify and own your gifts

  • What abilities make you unique and indispensable?

  • Learn to love yourself more through recognizing what you have to offer the world

What Clients          are saying...

"Lily challenges me to think deeply, act intentionally, and dream about the future in ways I hadn't allowed myself to do before. She works with me in the ways I work best and holds be accountable for my progress. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for ways to understand, challenge, and change aspects of their life."




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